Agile from concept to completion 

{ There is a method to the madness }

Cooper Bragg uses a proven development process to help our partners quickly unlock value.

While great software development forms the heart of our process, we add value in multiple ways. Strategy, design/UX, web and mobile development, API integration, agile learning and iteration - Cooper Bragg has the necessary experience to guide you through product development and delivery.


Our first step in working together is to explore and get to know you and understand your product vision.

We need to know who you are and how you work in order to build a strong and transparent working relationship. To determine if we are a good fit, and to quickly unlock value for you, your project manager will ask a lot of questions. These questions will help us understand what you want to build, who you’re building it for, and what key assumptions we’ll need to test once we get the product in front of real users.


Before any code is written, we'll create a clear roadmap and set transparent expectations - making sure we are completely aligned.

Your project manager will provide initial consulting and coaching with regard to your project in order to set the scope, prioritize features, plan a roadmap, and outline desired user experiences. They will then activate the proper resources (designers and developers) for the project. If not already in place, your assigned team will help you translate customer/user insights into user scenarios, and user scenarios into deliverables - which will help us define your product roadmap.


At this point, we begin architecting the project.

Designs will be presented, a client login will be assigned and we will have an initial software MVP deployed so that you can see and continuously monitor progress. As we navigate through the roadmap, we will provide weekly updates and be available to answer any questions. You will stay connected throughout the entire process.

The Solution

Once we reach the end of the roadmap and have completed the scope of the project, we are ready to officially launch your product.

It's now time to sit back and learn from real users as they interact with the first product release. Real-world users often uncover insights and product optimization opportunities that weren't obvious before launch. These opportunities will help make the product better in subsequent versions. Once we've launch and resolved small issues that may have arise, we'll follow-up with a discussion regarding a future roadmap for your project.