Data surrounds us, the trick is capturing it 

{ Research, Design, and Engineering }

How can Cooper Bragg help?

We partner with clients to build transformational digital products.

Our approach will typically involve healthy doses of computer science, data engineering, electronics and sysadmin expertise.

Software Development

Slinging code comes natural to us

Software forms a big part of what we do so we take pride in doing it right.

Development Expertise

Our work leverages best practices and open source frameworks across a variety of technologies. Our current stack includes Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, Objective-C, Node, React, and PostgreSQL to name a few.

Automate Critical Tasks

The ability to automate repetitive tasks can be a game changer for many organizations. Whether it is the generation of simple reports or a complicated data collection process, automating time consuming procedures frees your team up and moves your business forward.

Big Data Ready

While software allows us to do what we do, data is our focus so we take it seriously. We build applications that put you in control of your data, not the other way around. As your business scales so will your data footprint and we're ready with tools such as Hadoop and Spark.

Cloud Enabled

The majority of all software we build is cloud enabled with distributed application and data back-ends. Our cloud partners include Amazon AWS & S3, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, Linode and Digital Ocean.

Data Engineering

Data wrangling is what we do

Sequential Analytics is a data engineering firm building real-time data applications using best of breed technology

Extract - Transform - Load

The data is out there, in one form or another but how to get it into a usable format? That's where we come in – we specialize in making data accessible. Whether the data is scattered across multiple online sources, an offsite data silo or perhaps streaming from an IoT device. We'll make it available for you to access via an API, customized website or Excel spreadsheet.

Visualization & Analysis

The ability to extract actionable insight from data often hinges on one's ability to effectively bring that data to life. Our professionally designed dashboards and analytic solutions provide powerful ways for you to see and capture the story behind the data.

Predictive Analytics

Elevate your data utilization to the next level with predictive analytics. Sequential Analytics combines a rigorous statistical approach with machine learning algorithms and data mining to form predictive models. Based upon available data these models can yield insight into such wide ranging areas as retail CRM, fraud detection, and industrial machine maintenance.

Consulting & Training Services

Take advantage of our pre-packaged programs and custom engagements to bring your team up to speed with data technology. Typical engagements are often one or two-day events focusing on a current or planned data project. On-site and virtual options are available.

IoT Monitoring

Big changes in how we do things

Leverage the Internet of Things to improve offerings and increase revenue.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Our M2M Integration Platform provides full monitoring over all your IoT devices in one convenient interface. And that's not all, with Thundervine M2M Edition you can create powerful machine ecosystems that perform event-based automation, effectively eliminating repetitive tasks from your workflow.


We build visualization and analytic systems that accept input from single and multipoint data sources. Our analytic solutions are a natural complement to the Thundervine M2M integration platform and allow you to monitor and gather insight from realtime IoT data.


Our products and services allow clients to build event-based automation systems that utilize IoT devices. It's never been easier to replace repetitive, error-prone systems with a fully digital alternative.

IoT Consulting & Training

Perhaps you are interested in how the Internet of Things can impact your business? If so, our Introductory IoT package is exactly what you're looking for. We offer a complementary one hour online session to discuss how IoT can impact your organization. We also offer more in-depth consulting engagements and a variety of training packages, please contact us for more details.

Code Modernization

Leverage cloud resources

When done properly cloud computing can provide improved workflow, stability, and resiliency with less cost and complexity than more traditional methods.

Migrate Applications

Take advantage of cloud-based scalabilty and redundancy by deploying your application and database systems to public, private and multicloud environments. We provide a comprehensive playbook to get you there in the most cost-effective way.

Modernize Infrastructure

We help companies and organizations architect and build solutions across cloud environments. Our dedicated infrastructure teams for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Linode and Digital Ocean have expertise in building IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and cost effective.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

As web and mobile services quickly evolve in response to customer needs and increasing competition, collaboration between development and operations teams becomes critical. Utilize our DevOps and continuous delivery methodologies to stay ahead of the curve and minimize departmental friction.


Whether you’re an ISV transitioning products to SaaS, or a CTO/CIO that needs to replace end of life systems, Sequential Analytics will partner with you to insure the process goes smoothly and that the end result meets, or exceeds, your expectations.

Managed IT Services

Focus on your strengths

Our managed IT service mitigates against network outages, data loss and performance issues, allowing you to focus on your business.

Server & Network Monitoring

Our 24/7 monitoring solutions provide access to customized performance metrics and dashboards (both web-based and mobile) that make it easy for you stay on top of how your systems are behaving. Should we detect an outage or a warning blip, our team is responsible responding and correcting the incident.

Data Backups

When was your last site backup? Was it verified? Do you maintain an offsite copy? Our solution provides full and incremental backups of mission critical applications and data, scheduled to your retention plan with realtime status updates to our monitoring platform.

System Security

Maintaining software updates across a network is time-consuming but necessary for mitigation of security risks. Our security solution continuously cross-checks network components against vulnerability lists for matches and we additionally review each update candidate before it is applied into your environment.


Sometimes you need to speak directly with a support professional who is acutely aware of the status of your servers and network. Or perhaps you've noticed a anomoly of fear network security has been compromised. In these situations we are only a phone call away.