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With today's technology, a lot lies beneath the surface. Let us handle those aspects so you can focus on your business.

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Proactive management solutions for you IT infrastructure.

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You deserve to focus on your business, employees and clients. You don’t have to put up with costly IT bills, downtime, and ongoing technical issues and worry that your network is NOT secure from hackers, ransomware, extended downtime, compliancy violations and a range of data-erasing disasters.

Iceberg Technical is a different kind of managed IT services company. We provide you with a roadmap for today and into the future, helping you achieve your goals with budget-friendly plans as deep as the icebergs they are named after.

Managed Technology Services

Proactive support built on best practices that save time and reduces business risk.

IT Strategic Guidance

Leverage IT so that it promotes growth and helps you acheive a competitive advantage.


Advanced protective measures that ensures your business is protected from sophisticated cyber attacks.

Continuity Protection

When disaster strikes it is critical to have a business continuity plan in place to ensure you're able to recover quickly.


Cyber-Security 101


Are your cyberdefences keeping ahead of the bad guys? Review the basics here.

Smart VoIP


Move to a hybrid phone system and seamlessly stay connected with clients.

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We provide and install virtually any software or hardware such as servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, printers, wireless equipment, etc.


We offer a wide variety of products at competitve prices and service the majority of what we sell.


Full-cycle software development services designed to automate processes and help your business grow.

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